For 27 years, Dr. Roshangar has been practicing state-of-the-art dentistry with a commitment to providing the highest standard of care.

   Dr. Roshangar received Bachelor of Science in Biology from UCLA, in 1988, and Doctor of Dental Surgery from Case Western Reserve University School of Dental Medicine, in 1992. She completed post-doctoral training in Advanced General Dentistry at UCLA.

   Dr. Roshangar has built a reputation based on uncompromising clinical excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and a warm, gentle demeanor. She has devoted her career to developing a practice which combines art, science, and technology with personalized care.

   Dr. Roshangar has been honored with a recognition by Orange Coast Magazine in its selection of "2014 Top Dentists in Orange County", "2015 Top Dentists in Orange County" and "2019 Top Dentists in Orange County" and appeared in the March 2014, March 2015 and February 2019 issues. She also received recognition by the National Consumer Advisory Board as America's Best Dentists 2016 and America's Best Dentists 2019.

   Dr. Roshangar is a member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association and Orange County Dental Society.

   Dr. Roshangar is a Board Member and volunteers her time and services at Lestonnac Free Clinic, a non-profit, primarily volunteer organization which provides, free, comprehensive care to low and no-income families in Orange County. She is also a member of the Villa Park Rotary.



MB  on 02/09/2018    Excellent experience very professional Office and Dr. Roshangar was very informative.

JA on 02/09/2018    The best experience I’ve had at the dentist. Very satisfied and will recommend Dr. Roshangar to everyone!

RH on 02/08/2018   She is the best Dentist.

Anon on 01/31/2018   Dr Roshangar and staff are always professional and friendly. Dr Roshangar explains all procedures and makes sure you are comfortable at all times!

TW on 01/30/2018    Love Dr. Roshangar, she's so personable & very nice. Staff us very nice as well. Office is clean, bright & friendly.

Anon on 01/25/2018    Great experience for my entire family.

SS on 01/24/2018    Always a pleasure to see Dr. Roshangar. She is so gentle and I always feel at ease in her care.

DW on 01/24/2018    Very professional and courteous.

DVD on 01/23/2018    Dr. Roshangar is kind, helpful, and knowledgeable.

MDR on 01/19/2018    Love her staff and her! What a pleasant and spa like atmosphere. Who knew going to the dentist could be relaxing! Thank you!

Anon on 01/17/2018    Dr. Roshangar is very warm, friendly and comforting.

MP on 01/16/2018    Massage chair is fantastic. Excellent Dentist. Very gentle

RP on 01/06/2018    FANTASTIC.

JT on 01/03/2018    Excellent service and great experience. The best Dental practice in OC!

KLM on 12/29/2017    She was very personal and professional and made going to the dentist a pleasant experience.

RM on 12/28/2017    Dr. Roshanger is excellent! Very professional and courteous and makes you feel very at ease about going to the dentist as well as uses the latest in dental technology. Office is very clean with a friendly staff and easy to get to in Orange with plenty of parking. I highly recommend.

ZLM on 12/22/2017    Great doctor and been going there since I was 12.

CL on 12/19/2017    Extremely kind and professional, adds the personal touch by remembering my wife and I as people and not just a paycheck.

KA on 12/07/2017    Dr. Roshangar is an amazing dentist. She is honest, caring and treats you like an individual not like just another patient. She is especially good with children and made my daughters first dental procedure a breeze and most importantly pain free. We just hope she never retires! 

Anon on 12/06/2017    She never causes me pain, is personable, and definitely knows what she's doing.

DA on 12/05/2017    Dr Roshangar is awesome! She has taken time to get to know a little about me and answers any questions I have. She is also very detailed with information - treating me like a smart adult. I am a customer for life!

JR on 12/05/2017    Superior service, immaculate office, warm and welcoming staff, professional and trustworthy expertise in all areas. I can't say enough great things about Dr. Marjan Roshangar. Best dentist on the planet!

Anon on 02/12/2017    Informative, professional and painless

Anon on 12/01/2017    Simply the best as usual. Thank you for putting up with my husband and I!

RK on 12/01/2017    Best dentist my family and I have had. She is very caring and gentle as is her staff. I highly recommend her.

CK on 11/21/2017    It was a very good visit.

AW on 11/21/2017    Love Dr Roshangar! 

JB on 11/09/2017    Most people fear going to the dentist. You don't have to feel that way if you see Dr. Roshangar. She is very gentle, has the latest technology and equipment, and relieves the stress of visiting the dentist. 

KC on 11/03/2017    Been coming here for years. Will continue to come back

DM on 11/03/2017    Simply the Best !!!

RM on 11/03/2017    Excellent as usual !!!!

PM on 10/26/2017    Dr Marjan is the best dentist I’ve ever been to in my life time. So gentle and I never feel pressured that I need to do other work . She takes her time and is never in a hurry and listens to you. My grandson goes to her too and says she is the best.

AL on 10/24/2017    I’ve had anxiety over going to the dentist for many years. My fears worsened after a a series of less than ideal adult experiences that were painful to the point of nearly fainting. When I found Dr Roshangar, I’d been searching online for someone new with hopes of finding a caring, kind dentist to put me at ease. Dr Roshangar described herself as a “gentle dentist,” and seemed to be a good fit for me. Ten years, many visits and procedures later, I’m finally a relaxed, satisfied patient. Dr Roshangar is incredible; she is gentle, compassionate and accommodating. My husband and I send our friends and family her way and they are always satisfied.

RO on 10/19/2017    Dr. Roshangar is excellent. She is personable and combines the right amount of conversation and dentistry which makes the visit seem quick. Her office is very, very clean and well appointed. Her staff is always extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

KH on 10/17/2017    Dr Roshangar makes you feel welcome, as well as her staff. I am a horrible patient &she puts me at ease & makes me comfortable with the massage chair, soft music & her skill in dentistry. I would recommend her (I already have). She is the best....I drive 25 miles one way for my appointments.

RH on 10/05/2017    The best and most gentle dentist I've ever been to.

JS on 10/02/2017    From the moment I walked in the door to when I left the office this was by far my best experience in any dental office. I am scared of the dentist, but Dr. Roshangar and her staff were very welcoming and really helped to easy my anxiety. I will never look forward to getting my teeth cleaned, but at least now I don't have to be scared. I am really thankful that I have found my new dentist.

Anon on 09/06/2017    Dr. Roshangar is always great and it's always a pleasant experience and I absolutely loathe the dentist. She is super patient and very gentle. I love that she is very hands-on and will clean your teeth herself or supervise the cleaning and is very present for the whole experience. She never tries to up-sell you a bunch of things that you don't need and you don't leave there feeling ripped off. Her front desk staff is always helpful and courteous and Dr. Roshangar is always on time and you never have to wait. It completely is a great experience from start to finish. If I could have one suggestion, it would be nice to actually put something interesting on the TV screens above the dentist chair. I don't really want to look up at my rotten tooth for 45 minutes. What about the Travel Channel or Nat Geo with captions? When you are afraid of the dentist already, and nervous laying in the chair, looking up at your rotten tooth just adds to the unpleasantness of being at the dentist in the first place and worsens my anxiety. I can't recommend Dr. Roshangar enough and have recommended her on Yelp and Next Door.

JS on 09/22/2017    She is truly the most professional and gentle dentist I have ever known.

JK on 09/22/2017    Marjan is very personal, professional and gentle. She is efficient and does excellent work. I would recommend her to one and all looking for a dentist.

CD on 09/19/2017    Best dentist ever!

Anon on 09/13/2017   Dr. Roshangar immediately made me feel comfortable. She was also able to explain everything to me in a very understandable way ! I would 100% recommend her!         

KL on 09/12/2017    Dr. Roshangar is an excellent dentist! She is personable, kind and very professional.

JT on 09/07/2017    The Dr. Is by far the BEST dentist I have ever had!! I have had many civilian and Navy dentist, so I do not make the statement lightly!! Dr. Roshangar is Highly recommended!

JH on 09/01/2017    Always professional, caring, gentle and friendly. Been going to her for years and will continue to even though she is a bit out of my way.

Anon on 09/01/2017    Highly recommend Dr. Roshangar. Always on time. Always detail oriented. A very caring, kind person.

PS on 08/30/2017    Always a good visit to the dentist with Dr Roshangar. Our whole family has grown up going to her office for checkups. She is like one of the family. Personable and attentive to issues with pain as well as knowledgeable. Great dentist!

Anon on 08/30/2017    I highly recommend Dr. Roshangar. She is a wonderful dentist ! She is always very kind and caring.

TS on 08/23/2017    Best Dentist we have ever used. office is clean, staff is wonderful and Marjan is the best Dentist ever. my kids are adults now and have there own coverage but will not go to anyone else.

AS on 08/19/2017    For several years Dr Marjan Roshangar has provided my family with excellent and professional dental services.

LV on 08/17/2017    Super friendly, comfortable and easy. You'll actually like going to the dentist!

LB on 08/11/2017    She keeps you very comfortable during the entire appointment and she is very enjoyable to talk to!

DM on 08/08/2017    Such a great experience! The receptionists are always welcoming and friendly. Marjan Roshanger is so kind and gentle, so my cleanings are always a breeze. With calming music and massage chairs the office is very comfortable. I highly recommend you schedule your next dentist appointment with her.

MD on 08/05/2017    I recommend Dr Roshangar highly for dentistry. She is kind, caring and skilled. She does not push unnecessary dental work on you as has been my experience with other dentists. Her office is relaxing and she is easy to get a hold of by phone. Her equipment is state of the art. Easy parking is also a plus.

DV on 08/03/2017    Great visit as usual !!!!!

CM on 08/02/2017    Dr. Roshangar is great, very friendly and always accommodating; I would highly recommend her!

SH on 07/31/2017    This biannual cleaning was especially meaningful. One of my fourth-grade students commented on my brown teeth. After the cleaning, I was so pleased when I looked into the mirror and saw white teeth again! I drank a quart of black tea every day, but no more. Thank you doctor Roshangar for removing those unsightly tea stains.

MM on 07/28/2017    Dr. Roshangar is very honest, professional, and personable. She explains every procedure carefully and makes sure her patients are comfortable. She really is wonderful!! My family and I have been patients for over 10 years now and have always been extremely content. Thank you, Dr. Roshangar.

YT on 07/27/2017    Dr. Roshangar made me feel very comfortable and at ease. I am very happy to have found the perfect Dentist!

RB on 07/26/2017    So gentle and makes me not dreading to come in to my checkups . Thank you

TW on 07/25/2017    I have been going to Dr. Roshangar forever!!! Her office is clean, bright & welcoming. She is a very professional & caring dentist. Getting an appointment be it last minute or if I need to change is always very accommodating by her & her staff. I have many dentist around me, but I drive to Orange because I like her that much. You will too!

MD on 07/21/2017    Dr. Roshangar has state of the art equipment (can make a crown in her office), can help you with any fears of dental work, takes time to talk with you, and has well trained staff. She is honest, skilled and has fair prices. I recommend her to others every chance I get.

 Anon on 07/20/2017    Dr. Roshangar, is a very gentle dentist who makes it easy and comforting.

EC on 07/14/2017    Dr Roshangar has a very gentle touch and a calm demeanor. She was quick, thorough, and never tried to up-sell anything. Thank you doctor for the pleasant experience!

CL on 06/24/2017    Amazing and gentle work, a true dentist!

PW on 06/21/2017    My experience with Dr. Roshangar on Monday, June 19, was very professional, caring, and very knowledgeable when it came to the root canal procedure she performed on my ailing molar. Dr. Roshangar called me the following day to check on my progress. I'm doing much better on the third day after the root canal and no longer have any pain. Thank you very much, Dr. Roshangar

PV on 06/21/2017    Always so friendly and professional. My last visit I had to bring my 2 kids with me and they were extremely accommodating. While I had my teeth cleaned the very friendly receptionist kept my kids entertained. I've never experienced this kind of service anywhere else.

RM on 06/21/2017    There is never a wait with Dr. Roshangar and she truly does provide gentle dental care.

Anon on 06/15/2017    I absolutely love going to the dentist as long as it's here! Everyone is so friendly and kind. There is no prodding or poking without consent of you and it's very soothing!

Anon on 06/15/2017    Wonderful!

Anon on 06/15/2017    Excellent!

DH on 05/26/2017    Very caring. Explained what was happening step by step.

EJ on 05/19/2017    Marjan is amazing ! I have never had a dentist take care of me so well. She was patient and gentle with me. She is sweet and genuine, something that all previous dentists of mine did not have. Thank you Marjan!

KA on 12/29/2016 I hate the dentist and hadn't been for years! Dr. Roshangar is super gentle and not at all scary.  Her office is easy to find and is really clean and modern.  There is no waiting and she is always on time.  Her staff is wonderful and very accommodating.

BS on 11/08/2016    Dr. Roshangar provided exceptional care when I came to her for a second opinion. Dr. Roshangar recommended onlays instead of crowns for two posterior teeth that were cracked. Not only did it save me money but it preserved the teeth! Great communication and pain free dentistry, what more could you ask for. She also volunteers at local clinics which is great for the community.

 GivingSmiles125 | Kerr

JT on 09/08/2016    Most pleasant experience ever with a Dental Office. The professional staff is very polite and caring. I hadn't been to the dentist in 5 years or so; it was most certainly time for a cleaning and check up. I had 7 new cavities, and several old silver fillings I wanted removed and composites put in. We were able to accomplish all of that in two 1 hour visits. Excellent state of the art equipment. Gentle touch. Couldn't be happier with Dr. Marjan Roshangar. I also did the Zoom whitening here as well; fair price and improved my teeth by 9 shades. Brand new smile! Such a great experience that I will look forward to my next general cleaning and check up.

DQ on 04/23/2016    My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Roshangar for several years. I remember my wife's first visit. When she was done with her treatment she said "she is so gentle!". I laughed and told my wife to look at the business card in her hand. The tag line on the card said "The Gentle Dentist". It was truth in advertising! We knew then that we had found the right dentist for us. We have bragged about Dr. Roshangars' skills to others and now my father is also a client. She is a gifted practitioner as well as a kind individual with a caring demeanor. We would highly recommend her to anyone.

EB on 07/13/2015    Dr Roshangar is a phenomenal dentist and I hate going to dentist lol. She is comfortable and caring.  Her office off of Chapman is amazing. 
I have been going to her since 2006. I live in HB now and still go over to her with kids.  They love her as well....

LN on 09/06/2013    Dr. Roshangar moved off of Chapman and Pine. The new office is awesome! Everything is very new and modern. Really looks great. Much more open feeling. Plenty of parking and easy to find. She even has new chairs that give you a light massage while you are getting your teeth cleaned or whatever procedure you may be there for. The X-ray machine is hidden away in a cabinet, that you would never think it would fit it. Not only that, she has a new assistant that is seriously the best one yet. I had to get x-rays done and she was the only one that didn't have to retake x-rays because they weren't right the first time. I've always liked coming to Dr. Roshangar, but now I do even more! She always seems to remember what you talked about the last time you visited. Really makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend her!

JM on 07/26/2012    Very friendly, quick and gentle. Would highly recommend!

SJ on 12/05/2011    I have gone to Dr. Roshangar for two years, and she has always been conservative in her treatment plan and also very thorough in her exams.  She even called my insurance when I was unsure if I had coverage, and we created a plan that would minimize my personal contribution.  She is truly a class act.  I am very selective about my dentists, and usually only see dentists affiliated with major universities such as UCLA or USC, so I was apprehensive about the change to a private dentist.  Dr. Roshangar came highly recommended from a family I knew from USC, and she has not disappointed.  Her rates are reasonable and she is very talented.